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IAM LaceVault - Jewelry Just For Kicks

The sleek design of the LaceVault makes it a piece of the style puzzle that is difficult to pass up on. You can turn your boring old scuffed shoes into something that you can be proud to wear on your feet.

Spice Up Your Shoes

LaceVaults were made to compliment your style. Choose the colors that best accents your shoes.

Oh, and did we mention...

- that it's also functional? Yes, not only does it make your shoes look like a dime piece, it works to serve you as well. The LaceVault serves to keep your laces in place, so you don't have to think twice about them. The links are so you can slip in and out of your shoes whenever you please by simple unlinking your shoes. We also add in some aglets (that dangly thing at the end of a shoelace) to really add some flavor to your shoes and complete the whole look.



The Lacevaults, Links, and Aglets are made from non-toxic, Strong Zinc Alloy, which is finely plated with your choice of finish (Gold, Silver and Rose Gold).


    - 2 x LaceVault Bolts
    - 2 x LaceVault Double Links
    - 4 x LaceVault Singular Links
    - 4 x LaceVault Aglets

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