Our Story

The I AM LaceVault Family story


Why I AM? Isaiah, a boy with Down Syndrome and Ariana, who is blind, autistic and has life threatening seizures. Isaiah and Ariana Mahe are the empowering reminder of the inspiration behind the symbol I AM – two powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality.


In 2010, Isaiah, struggled with tying his shoelaces, his older brother, Vili, tired of having to help him each day, looked to invent a better way. Existing products were either impractical, did not work or were just plain ugly. He drew up a simple plan, with the help of his Dad they designed and redesigned. Over the course of the last few years, they developed and eventually transformed the initial invention into a class of its own, a functional Jewelry exclusively for shoes. LaceVault; setting in stone within the sneaker industry, a one of a kind category, called shewelry. Giving birth to the Nexus Revolution.



LaceVault, Jewelry Just for Kicks!