How To Use

What does the LaceVault do?


It adds a new layer of customization to your shoes. Have you ever wanted to be able to easily style and accent your shoes in a significant way that best represents you? Well, look no further. With the LaceVault, you can really reinvent creativity within your shoes, without having to alter them.

But, the Lacevault was built not only to serve as a fashionable accessory but as a life accessory. It in essence helps to solve the "shoe tying" problem, and in doing so, we'll also accidentally make you look like a pimp.

Well, we have the LaceVaults, the circular part located at the top of the shoe. These serve to hold your laces, and make shoe tying more simple. These are also the more eye catching part of the set up, which makes your shoes hard to ignore.

Included with your purchase of the LaceVaults, are the links. These links allow you to link and unlink your laces at the lower end of your shoe, making it easy to just place your feet into your shoes, and then link up to tighten.


Using the LaceVault is simple.


In the following video we show how to set up using the LaceVault and the links, done simply.

In the following video, we give a basic tutorial as to how you can properly set up your set of LaceVaults.



Hopefully this was helpful for you! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through or browse through our FAQ.