What is the LaceVault? 

LaceVaults are a functional Jewelry for lace up shoes.  They help to put your shoes on with the single and double links as well as the LaceVault that sits on the top of shoe.  To complete the look you can replace your aglets on the ends of your laces with LaceVault aglets.


What are LaceVaults made from?

LaceVaults are made from a high quality zinc alloy and plated with a high quality plated metallic finish.  Currently these are available in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

Coming Soon:  Titanium and Genuine Gold plated finish.


What do you get in the box?

A complete set of LaceVaults includes: 2 x LaceVault, 2 x double links, 4 x single links, 4 x aglets.  You can put them on in any combination you like on your shoe, depending on the size, style and look you are after.


How do you put LaceVault on your shoe?

Please refer to the video: How to Use the LaceVault

You can create your own combination and original look.


Are LaceVaults removable?

Yes!  LaceVaults are easily movable from one shoe to another.  Just unthread and rethread the laces.  The aglets screw off the ends of the laces to make it easier to rethread into another shoe.   


Are LaceVaults hard to assemble?

LaceVaults do take a bit of time to set up on your shoe, as relacing on any shoe will.  Threading the top LaceVault correctly is important to have ease in pulling tight and loosening again.  (see video)

Once set up, you’ll appreciate how easy they are to use.  Remember they aren’t just functional they are Jewelry for your shoes, so just as you wouldn’t rush your favourite gold bling on your body, when you take a moment to straighten the links, you’ll be admiring your shoes with every step.


Do I have to cut my laces?

Not at all! To complete the entire look, aglets and all, yes, it is best to trim your laces to a shorter length and add the aglets.  However, you can also just leave your laces intact and tuck the excess into your shoe until you are ready to fully commit to the look. It's all up to you.


Where are LaceVaults made?

LaceVaults were 100% designed in Australia.  They are manufactured, assembled and boxed and then shipped out from China.


How much is shipping?

As a special introductory offer we are offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHPPING !


How long will shipping take?

Depending on where you are in the world. Shipping will take 10-15 days.  We will soon be offering Express Premium Shipping in 3-10 days at a price.


Do LaceVaults come with a warranty?

LaceVaults come with a lifetime warranty.  We are so confident of the quality of our product that with normal use they will last the lifetime of your shoe and then some.  Please contact us to talk you through any concerns you may have.


Can you buy parts of the LaceVault set separately?

Not at this stage, but maybe something to consider if there is a demand for them.


Have a question that you can’t find here?  Feel free to email us at support@lacevault.com and we’ll help you as soon as we can.